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All-in-One Center of Table (CoT) visual collaboration tool...

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Smart Rooms

Smart interactive rooms & auditoriums for an enhanced conferencing experience...

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Immersive and fully interactive multimedia class rooms that empower productivity & collaboration for ...

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Multi-purpose interactive information kiosk coupled with human assistance and built around interactivity...

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A new angle on meeting room videoconferencing

Videoconferencing has finally become democratized beyond the meeting room. We now regularly use video on our desktops, and even our mobile devices. However, meeting rooms are still the hubs of our videoconferencing environment. The majority of business video sessions include at least one meeting room. This makes sense as meeting rooms (and now huddle rooms) are where work is done. Video is how we allow people who can’t be there in person to attend these meetings as a productive and engaged team member (as opposed to a passive phone attendee)...

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innovation & Elegance

  • Sharing content from any of your personal devices has never been so easy and so intuitive with the clientless Connect Your Own Device (CYOD) feature!

  • With the new Centre of Table (CoT) concept, bring all your meeting tools right in the center of your table and enjoy a hassle-free meeting experience.

  • Silex PTE series brings your whiteboard on your meeting table and allows you to enjoy a multi-sided white boarding experience.

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